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Pastor Remina's Biography

My name is Remina Gocha. I was born in Masvingo in a family of seven me being the fourth child. I did my primary education in Masvingo and my secondary education in Bulawayo. I came to know the Lord at the age of 14. After my 'O' level l worked at a certain company for 3 years.

I got married in 1980 and went to AMFC in 1981 after God's intervention for l knew all the challenges that were ahead of me as a person who grew up in a Pastor's house. I Was once deployed in both big and small churches and this gave me the opportunity to know how to work with all kinds of people educated or uneducated rich or poor. I once worked as Matron of the FIF Children's Home and Missionary in Rwanda and now in the UAE.

I am a holder of an AMFC Diploma, Diploma in Christian Leadership, Certificate in Child Development and Tailoring and l am pursuing BA in Theology. My Motto is know God know the devil and know the people. I am a woman who loves God regardless of challenges.